Fabulously transition


Yesterday was such a beautiful day so I knew I had to get out the house. My nephew came for  a visit so I decided to take him to the puppy park. (Isn’t he precious?)                 ~Sometimes finding what to wear in Louisiana is very hard, considering that the weather is cool during the early/late evening but much warmer mid-day.  I put together a transition outfit that is perfect for Louisiana’s bipolar days. Below are some tips to transition your outfits to fall.


*Choose one heavier/warmer piece to wear as your top OR bottom.

Bottoms: Wear jeans, leather pants, leggings, or even thicker stockings under a pair of shorts.

shoes: booties are always a good transition shoe as well as flats, but you can wear knee high boots for those colder days. Knee highs look great with stockings and jeans!

Top: If you are wearing your warmer clothes on bottom, choose a sheer long sleeve top or a crochet top with a tank underneath, or thinner long sleeve top.  If you decide to wear your heavier garment on top, choose a pair of fleece shorts or highwaisted jean shorts and add some cute tights underneath.

Shirt from Obsession boutique in HammondLeather pants from Tobi. Clutch from Blink Boutique

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